Kenilworth  -  06 February 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  Hopefully Andrew can buzz him along. He has a decent draw (surprise surprise) and his formline through The Colonel’s Son isn’t too bad. I might just take the blinkers off but will have a think about this first.

 Post Race :  I thought he ran quite a nice race. I should maybe have taken the blinkers off him and let him go along but I was still pleased with his effort.

 Kenilworth  -  16 January 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He has had a nice mini-break and has come back exceptionally strong. He looks a million dollars and this is the best I have had him since winning his Maiden.

 Post Race :  This horse is in good form and will pick up a victory soon.

 Kenilworth  -  24 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 8  1600m Green Point Stakes (WFA) (Grade 2)  Andrew Nienaber  16h55

 Pre Race   :  There appears to be a lot of pace in the race but one never knows and it is good to have the option of making our own pace with The Helsman.

 Post Race :  I was not expecting anything in this company and he will race in more suitable company next time.

 Kenilworth  -  13 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He once again caught a pretty ordinary draw but he is a speedy type. I hope he doesn’t have as hard a race as he had last time and can go along a bit better. We have taken the scoops off him today.

 Post Race :  He finished mid field. MJ felt that he didn’t really get him where he wanted to in the race and subsequently the end result was not as good as it could have been

 Kenilworth  -  04 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1400m MR72 Handicap  Sean Cormack  13h45

 Pre Race   :  The Helsman has a dreadful draw and life is going to be extremely tough for him.

 Post Race :  A reasonable run considering his dreadful draw and he had to do the donkey work.

 Durbanville  -  20 October 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He has strengthened up and is doing exceptionally well. Byleveld will be able to get him out and up there which might well be the secret to success here.

 Post Race :  I did think that he could have sat a little handier but Byleveld said he couldn’t get there. That’s the trouble; when there is a big field at Durbanville, it is a scrum and you just need the luck. I was happy with the run.

 Durbanville  -  30 September 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 5  1400m MR74 Handicap  Andrew Fortune  15h20

 Pre Race   :  He does not have the best of draws over the 1400m and he is up in class but he is very well and is improving with every run.

 Post Race : 

 Kenilworth  -  05 September 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  This horse is doing extremely well and he has a good draw. Just wondering whether 1600M is his best trip.

 Post Race : 

 Kenilworth  -  01 September 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 1  1400  Andrew Fortune  13h20

 Pre Race   :  Obviously weather dependent; we are expecting storms again this weekend. He put up a nice piece of work. His 10 draw looks to be the main problem but if he can overcome this, he will run well.

 Post Race : 

 Durbanville  -  15 August 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He is a big runner here on his last run.

 Post Race : 

 Kenilworth  -  15 August 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   : 

 Post Race :  He possibly did too much from the front but is getting stronger with each run and will win soon.

 Kenilworth  -  25 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 8  1600m  Glen Hatt  16h25

 Pre Race   :  We have put blinkers on him but he will need to start showing some improvement. I am pleased with his work at home and I will be disappointed if we don’t run a place here.

 Post Race :  Slowly but surely improving and I might well run him again on Tuesday.

 Durbanville  -  04 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  This horse has had his problems and he needed his first outing. He will probably also need this one to show his best but I still think he is capable of finishing in the money.

 Post Race :  Slightly disappointing but he was still very green. He can only improve with the experience. I think he will be better over further.

 Kenilworth  -  23 June 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 9  1200m  Glen Hatt  16h55

 Pre Race   :  This is his first run. He is a nice horse but is not the easiest to work with. If he is not too green and settles well, he could possibly run into the money.

 Post Race :  He needed the experience and will come on nicely with this run. I was happy with his effort.







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