Kenilworth  -  26 January 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  I am expecting his usual, honest performance. Bernard is up and I am hoping for the same sort of run as last time and hopefully the same result.

 Post Race : 

 Kenilworth  -  16 January 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  While he has had a lot of racing recently, he is still going well and I am hoping for a good run here.

 Post Race :  A smashing win. He never gives up.

 Kenilworth  -  19 December 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  We have put blinkers on him and hopefully they will do the trick.

 Post Race :  I would have liked to have seen him ridden a bit more patiently. With the strong head wind and his big weight, going up there probably wasn’t the correct way to go with him but I thought he fought on well to the end.

 Kenilworth  -  05 December 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  The 1400m is probably his best distance. He has a great draw and a good jockey on top. It is a competitive field but I think he has a good place chance.

 Post Race :  He ran a good race and is probably not far off being in his place. He moved up beautifully like he was going to go and win it and then went up and down. He is going to win soon as long as we can keep him in form.

 Kenilworth  -  17 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  The Colonel’s Son is doing exceptionally well. The only disappointment is the 8 draw, which doesn’t look ideal but we are hoping he is good enough to overcome this

 Post Race :  He ran extremely well. As I said, he put in a dead pull and then didn’t finish off the race. I think maybe he is just that little bit better over a 1400m where they go that much quicker.

 Kenilworth  -  04 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1400m MR72 Handicap  Anton Marcus  13h45

 Pre Race   :  The Colonel’s Son has had a few problems but he is going well enough. His coat is very good. Obviously with Anton up, I feel he will be competitive.

 Post Race :  A cracking run and he should win soon.

 Durbanville  -  20 October 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He is doing very well. This is over his favourite trip and I am confident he will give a good showing. He is probably my best runner in this race.

 Post Race :  He ran a good race from his outside draw. He also needed the run and I was happy with his effort.

 Durbanville  -  19 September 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 7  1400M MR76 Divided Handicap  Glen Hatt  16h30

 Pre Race   :  He is working well, has a decent draw and I am expecting a big run.

 Post Race :  SCRATCHED

 Kenilworth  -  31 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 6  1400m  Bernard Fayd'Herbe  14h50

 Pre Race   :  Going for 3 in a row is going to be difficult but he is still working and looking well.

 Post Race :  This was a good run from a lousy draw.

 Kenilworth  -  11 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He is a big, improving horse which needs lots of work and racing. He is coming off a fairly reasonable mark and there is no reason why he can’t follow up on his last run.

 Post Race :  A cracking effort and he will win more.

 Kenilworth  -  16 June 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1400m  Glen Hatt  13h55

 Pre Race   :  A very good effort last time considering his draw. Has drawn well this time.

 Post Race :  Well done on a good run. He is a smart handicapper in the making.

 Kenilworth  -  03 June 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1400m  Bernard Fayd'Herbe  14h00

 Pre Race   :  Unfortunately he has a bad draw. If he can overcome this, I give him a winning chance.

 Post Race :  A very good run. With a decent draw, he would have won

 Kenilworth  -  16 May 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 9  1200m  Karis Teetan  16h45

 Pre Race   :  Karis Teetan will now be riding him. The draw will not be in his favour but he has come on very well since his last run. He is a nice horse.

 Post Race :  I was very pleased with his run and feel he can win his next start.

 Kenilworth  -  25 April 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 8  1200m  Sean Cormack  17h05

 Pre Race   :  He has been off a long time due to injury. He is a nice horse inthe making but hasn’t had enough grass work into this race. I will be happy ifhe finishes mid field.

 Post Race :  Great run. As expected, he ran out of puff but he will come on from here.







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