Kenilworth  -  15 June 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   : 

 Post Race :  SCRATCHED

 Kenilworth  -  20 April 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  I am expecting even more improvement from him and I will be very disappointed if he does not at least find a place here.

 Post Race :  I think he is a horse that does not like to be bustled early on. Kenilworth has been running quite fast of late and I asked Glen to bustle him along and have him handy, which was my mistake. He probably needs to be left alone and allowed time to get into the race.

 Kenilworth  -  01 April 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  We are bringing him back to basics after his gelding, just to see where we are with him. All his runs pre-gelding, with the exception of his first, were not bad. I think we are heading the right way and I still think we have a nice horse on our hands.

 Post Race :  I was extremely pleased with him. There was a tail wind which would not have suited him. One of the runners went off like a bat out of hell and he managed to mow them down well. He went through a very small gap, got sandwiched and still kicked on with it. I was impressed with him and I still think there is plenty more to come.

 Kenilworth  -  06 February 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He is just starting to learn what racing is all about. He has a lovely pedigree and he is not a horse I am expecting to stay in the Maidens for long. Once he breaks his Maiden, he will go on to bigger and better things.

 Post Race :  He ran in snatches the whole way and I thought Glen did well. He kept on with him and except for the front couple, the rest finished in a bunch. The jockeys have come back and told us he was neighing for the entire race. I have never had a horse neigh in a race before for quite as long as he did and they all thought it was extremely funny. He needs to get focused on racing and will be a better racehorse as a gelding.

 Kenilworth  -  09 January 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  His first run was way too bad to be true compared to what we see at home. Fingers crossed we see a far better effort and he runs a place.

 Post Race :  He was caught wide the whole way, due to no one’s fault. I thought it was a smashing effort. I hope the race wakes him up and he gets back into the swing of what we really want from him.

 Kenilworth  -  24 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 1  1200M Maiden Plate  Glen Hatt  12h40

 Pre Race   :  He is a very nice first timer. As with most of our first timers, they usually need the run but he certainly looks like he has the ability here.

 Post Race :  I think we need to ignore this run. He is a genuinely smart horse and far better than this.







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