Durbanville  -  16 July 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  She is course and distance suited and has been dropped 4 points in the handicap. She has a good draw and everything is in her favour. If all goes well, she should be right there.

 Post Race : 

 Kenilworth  -  26 May 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  Her wide draw over the 1400m is a problem and she will need everything to go her way for her to win.

 Post Race :  She did not run a bad race from her draw. Just needs some luck and a decent draw.

 Kenilworth  -  24 April 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  Very little chance from the outside draw.

 Post Race : 

 Durbanville  -  03 April 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  It will be good to see how she goes her first run out of the Maidens. Let’s hope she runs a decent race and earns us some money.

 Post Race : 

 Durbanville  -  27 February 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  She has everything in her favour. She is drawn 1, is distance suited and is working very well. This could be her winning chance.

 Post Race :  She won a really good race, coming from off the pace. She battled to go with them early on but finished really well to win going away.

 Kenilworth  -  29 December 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  I know doing reports now for Saturday 29th is a long way in advance but with public holidays and people being away, I thought I would get them done early rather than late. It is great to have Sean aboard Array of Stars . We have put some blinkers on and she is back up the straight. I have changed her training routine and just freshened her up.

 Post Race :  It was a slightly better effort. I don’t think the false start helped her.

 Kenilworth  -  24 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 2  1400M Maiden Plate (F&M)  *J Smitsdorff (2.5kg)  13h15

 Pre Race   :  I will probably put some blinkers on her and try and get her out there and racing. She has just been nowhere in the races and needs to get moving.

 Post Race :  I thought she ran much closer and ran quite well. I think I might even bring her back to 1200m, possibly at Durbanville.

 Kenilworth  -  31 October 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 3  1400M Maiden Plate (F&M)  Oswald Noach  14H30

 Pre Race   :  I would like to think that if he gets him out, gets him racing and puts him in the right spot, we can earn some money tomorrow.

 Post Race :  I have to say I was extremely disappointed with her outing. I have no idea why she ran so badly. A few of my runners aren’t giving of their best at the moment. Funnily enough, all the battlers ran well rather than the better class ones. We will definitely give her another start but I don’t understand why she ran so bad.

 Durbanville  -  17 October 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 3  1400m Maiden Plate (F&M)  Oswald Noach  14h05

 Pre Race   :  She is back over the 1400m. With a good draw, I feel we will definitely earn money here.

 Post Race :  I thought she ran a great race. She was cut off at the last little bit which didn’t help. She is moving very well and looks like she might go a little further and I actually think she might have a bit of a future ahead of her.

 Durbanville  -  19 September 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 2  1000M Maiden Plate (F&M)  Glen Hatt  13H35

 Pre Race   :  Ignore her last run; it was in extremely heavy ground. She is working well and I am expecting a whole lot more from her.

 Post Race :  She has pulled up a little short but I don't believe it is anything serious and she should be fine after a few days off.

 Kenilworth  -  25 August 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  I have high hopes of her running a place for us.

 Post Race :  The going was very heavy and she struggled. Did not enjoy it at all. I think it best to draw a line through this run.

 Kenilworth  -  21 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 1  1000m  Glen Hatt  12.25

 Pre Race   :  Hoping that she travels well during the race and hope to see her running on and finishing well. I will be happy if she can finish 6th, 7th or 8th. I basically want to see her enjoying the race and finishing well and pulling up fine.

 Post Race :  I thought this was a great run and I am extremely pleased with her.







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