Scottsville  -  02 April 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  His work at home is very good. If he jumps on terms, we are expecting him to be right in the finish.

 Post Race :  He won a lovely race. Well done to the new owners and let's hope he goes on from here.

 Kenilworth  -  23 February 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  SCRATCHED

 Post Race :  SCRATCHED

 Kenilworth  -  12 January 2013
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  He is doing well and is sound.

 Post Race :  He stood in the pens and lost many, many lengths. We will have a look at him and see if we find anything wrong with him.

 Kenilworth  -  08 December 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  It not ideal running him so close to his big effort of 2 weeks ago but these races are few and far between. He pulled up fit and well from his last run and we have to take our chances once again.

 Post Race :  I was happy with his run, considering I was probably a bit greedy running him so soon after his last effort.

 Kenilworth  -  24 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 7  3200M Durbanville Cup (Listed)  Karis Teetan  16h20

 Pre Race   :  We will pop him in at the back over the 3200m which should give his old bones a chance to warm up and then I am hoping he can put in a great finish

 Post Race :  He ran an absolute cracker. He obviously decided the pace was far too slow and made his move early on in the race. Once in front, he relaxed and stretched out well and kept on finding more. A well deserved win.

 Kenilworth  -  04 November 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 8  1800m MR94 Divided Handicap  Sean Cormack  16h10

 Pre Race   :  Happy to get Sean Cormack back on him again. He is doing very nicely. Obviously the short run in is not going to suit him and it is a bit of a worry but on his last run, there is no reason he shouldn’t run really well again. He is dropping in the handicap and I think he could be a big runner.

 Post Race :  Will probably have a go at the Algoa Cup in Port Elizabeth.

 Durbanville  -  20 October 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time

 Pre Race   :  We have brought him back to the 1400m just to hopefully run him off his feet and see him run on. I am very pleased with our choice of pilot who, with the 11 draw, will have to drop him in and give him a chance. Our only worry is the track; it has been running so fast and not much is running on from behind.

 Post Race :  From his draw and where he came from, I thought it was a pretty good effort. I know Sean was extremely pleased with him.

 Durbanville  -  22 August 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1800m  Glen Hatt  14h45

 Pre Race   :  Considering all that went wrong in his last race, I didn’t think it was too bad an effort. He obviously has the 9 draw to contend with but I have a feeling Glen will give him a bit more of a chance and let him coast round in this small field. Hopefully he will start putting in his customary strong finish.

 Post Race :  I think he is a better horse being left alone at the back of the field. They also went no pace which did not help as he needs a strong gallop.

 Kenilworth  -  28 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 4  1600m  Sherman Brown  14h30

 Pre Race   :  He pulled up reasonably well from his last start. I think he will need one more run before winning over more ground. However, there is no reason he doesn’t have a chance here.

 Post Race :  He pulled up reasonably well but the race itself was a disaster.

 Durbanville  -  18 July 2012
 Race No.  Distance  Jockey  Time
 6  1600m  Glen Hatt  14h55

 Pre Race   :  A tough horse. He is one of those which, just when you have him fit and ready, he will go and pull up slightly sore It is quite frustrating from that point of view. However, he is going very well. He might just need this one run for us to see exactly where we are with him.

 Post Race :  I was happy with his first run for us. He will come on from here.







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